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Save costs

Building demand with Learo is an investment in your business' future that pays for itself.

Be in control

We take the time to understand your ideal customer and build you a pipeline of leads that suits your needs.

High-quality leads

We connect you with interested customers in your area with a high likelihood of converting into a sale.


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To build a strong partnership, we want to make sure we’re the right fit for your business. Book a free consultation call and we’ll cover your business needs and what you can expect from us. 


We’ll build your ideal customer together

We understand that getting the right kind of customer is important to your sales process. To make sure we deliver on our promise, we’ll build an ideal customer persona together based on location, industry, etc. 


Proposal review and determine next steps

Before we get moving on anything, you will have the chance to review the business proposal we put together for you. We follow a proven process to eliminate any surprises along the way.


Watch your phone start ringing with quality leads

Sit back, relax and watch your new leads start to roll in. After following steps 1 through 3, we would have created your ideal customer profile and a process for lead conversion so by this point you will be set up for the influx of new business. 

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I got calls from all kinds of people offering me leads. Learo is different. Their ability to deliver premium leads in a short amount of time is what sets them apart from everyone else. My only regret is that I didn’t sign up sooner. I would have scaled my business even further than where it is today. They also didn’t lock me into a contract which made me trust them even more.

Michael D.

Tree Service Expert
Calgary, AB, Canada


Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely. Once you become a partner for a select region, you have exclusive rights to any leads in that region. We will never give the same lead to two different partners so that we can ensure that your region is exclusively yours to manage.

At Learo, we do not charge extra for commercial leads despite them being larger and more profitable projects. As a partner you will receive a mix of residential and commercial leads, however we cannot guarantee how many commercial leads you might get because it changes month to month.

We don’t force you into a contract. We care more about establishing a mutually beneficial partnership than forcing you into a contract. Partnering with companies looking to grow their business while maintaining quality is a priority for us.

All of our leads are premium quality and are customers looking for services in your niche. Additionally, they are exclusively sent to you and no one else. Our partners have an average 70% close rate on the leads we provide which is why we like to partner with quality companies.

It depends on the industry! Some leads are harder to get than others in different industries. It can range from $10/lead all the way up to $150/lead. However the price reflects the revenue opportunity presented. Our partners usually see a 10x return on their leads. So if they invest $1,000, they usually get revenue of $10,000.

We deliver leads based on your bandwidth which is why we want to partner with growing companies! We can deliver as few as 10 or as high as 1,000 per month. On average, our partners request 250 leads per month. Keep in mind that these leads are a mix of residential and commercial, so some of these will be much bigger jobs in comparison to normal jobs.

Yes! We can set up a partnership that is month to month or a longer term partnership where we work and expand together! The partnership should always be mutually beneficial and that takes priority over everything else. If you are too busy or not busy enough, we can always scale back, scale up, pause, or stop all together.

Absolutely! Many industries have seasonality. Additionally, depending on your geo, your seasonality might differ from others in the same industry. That being said, we’re flexible to what works best for you. The more heads up we have, the more we can prepare and have a seamless transition for on and off seasons.

Our expertise is in marketing. We use YouTube, Facebook, Google, & other channels to generate business. We take care of all the marketing costs so you only pay for results! We use all the latest technology and our own proprietary software to generate leads at an affordable rate.

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